We are, specialised, Payroll Accounting service provider in Croatia. Experience, knowledge and technology, which we use, are a guarantee of a high quality professional service. We implement our services in a short period of time and without stress for the user. The service can be activated throughout the fiscal year (it is not necessary to start on the 1st of January). The distance of your registered office from our headquarter (Zagreb) is not an obstacle for the provision of our services.

Service implementation

In small companies (up to 20 employees), we can launch the computer processed payroll service within a few working days. For medium-sized companies (up to 100 employees), the service implementation process lasts from two to four weeks. In large companies with several hundred employees, the service can be implemented within the period of one to three months. We seek to avoid manual data entry in the service implementation process and, if possible, we try to migrate data in electronic form. After the data transfer (migration), we set the parameters for the calculation model and perform one or more test payroll calculations. In the testing process, the payroll model is additionally finely tuned to the user’s needs. In addition, we check in detail whether the transferred data and the payroll results are in agreement. Full agreement of the test calculations and the user’s calculation model is a prerequisite for the production launch of computer processed payroll services.

Service provision

The contracted price of computer-processed payroll includes all types of income and charges which may occur in the current month and/or periodically. The price of the payroll service includes creating standard and mandatory reports for the current calculation as well as creating periodic reports. The user has direct contact with the assigned data processing clerk. The user will receive the required reports and the set of electronic files necessary for the salary payment of each computer processed payroll. Our computer payroll processing methods are standardised and highly automated. The whole process of data exchange and processing takes place through electronic files. Payroll Office ensures complete stability and security of this critical business process. In addition to the standard and mandatory report set, the user will receive all other reports and analyses stated by the corporate reporting standards.

Confidentiality and security

One of the leading reasons why users decide to hire an external provider of computer processed payroll services is to maintain salary confidentiality and security within the company. Payroll Office guarantees data confidentiality and security by contract.